Givens' devotional: Rainbows over the Rain

Collette Charles | University Relations | 7 February 2009                          

City & County declines plan extension request...

...but leaves door open for future amendment

Koolau Loa Sustainable Communities Plan meeting, 1/29/09, Hauula

Mike Foley | University Relations | 6 February 2009

Wheelwrights meet leaders and alumni in Asia

Mike Foley | University Relations | 3 February 2009

Dr. Givens devotional preface

Colette Charles | University Relations | 2 February 2009

Data businessman kicks off entrepreneurship series

Mike Foley | University Relations | 2 February 2009

Exchange professor explains rhetoric is not just talking

Mike Foley | University Relations | 2 February 2009

Hippolite Wright stresses following the Lord's will

Brett Evans | University Relations | 28 January 2009

Temple recorder teaches about blessings

Collette Charles | University Relations | 26 January 2009

President Max PurcellThe importance of the Lord’s temple as a place of refuge and blessings was what Max Purcell, temple recorder at the temporarily-closed Laie temple, and member of the Laie North Stake Presidency, emphasized in his devotional, January 20.