Wing shares steps to climbing entrepreneurial ladder

Mike Foley | University Relations | 12 February 2009

A dynamic salesman who overcame a disability and dropped out of school to support his family, explained to Brigham Young University Hawaii students in the February 5 Entrepreneurship Lecture Series how he literally climbed the steps of a ladder to business success.

Talkin' Story: Syed Bashar's Global Outlook

Chase Barlet & Karuna Chetty| University Relations11 February 2009

One does not have to look far to recognize the international diversity at Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Here, multiculturalism reigns. Students from around the world bring their beliefs, traditions, and languages with them when they come to study at BYU-Hawaii, sharing their perspectives with students from every corner of the globe.

Givens' devotional: Rainbows over the Rain

Collette Charles | University Relations | 7 February 2009                          

City & County declines plan extension request...

...but leaves door open for future amendment


Mike Foley | University Relations | 6 February 2009

Wheelwrights meet leaders and alumni in Asia

Mike Foley | University Relations | 3 February 2009

Brigham Young University Hawaii President Steven C. Wheelwright  and his wife, Margaret, recently returned from a trip to Asia that included receiving an honorary professorship in China as well as meeting with Latter-day Saint Church leaders and BYUH alumni in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Dr. Givens devotional preface

Colette Charles | University Relations | 2 February 2009

Data businessman kicks off entrepreneurship series

Mike Foley | University Relations | 2 February 2009

Exchange professor explains rhetoric is not just talking

Mike Foley | University Relations | 2 February 2009

Dr. Greg Clark, a BYU Provo professor and Associate Dean of the College of Humanities on exchange with BYU-Hawaii's Dr. Ned Williams, said in the Honors colloquium on January 28 that the ancient art of rhetoric is "often terribly misunderstood" and extends beyond talking into many phases of our lives.