Alumni office merges into Student Development & Affairs

Mike Foley | University Relations | 11 August 2008

President's Council holds August 2008 Q-and-A forum

Mike Foley | University Relations | 8 August 2008

BYUH students make their mark in Mexico

Ryan Anderson | University Relations | 4 August 2008

President Wheelwright outlines distance learning objectives

Mike Foley | University Relations | 5 August 2008

As fall semester 2008 approaches, President Steven C. Wheelwright pointed out BYU-Hawaii is steadily developing the framework to use distance learning — also called distributed learning or education — to help extend the reach of the university in a cost-effective manner and better prepare a new generation of students.

Richins counsels using shepherd symbolism

Leilani Miller | University Relations | 1 August 2008

Elder Myron Richins of the BYU Hawaii religion department focused on a very fundamental symbol developed in the scriptures at a BYUH devotional this past week. Having grown up around and working with sheep, Richins was able to bring a very comprehensive perspective on the emblematic values of a shepherd and his sheep.

CCH alumni close reunion with testimonies

Mike Foley | University Relations | 29 July 2008

The 100-plus Church College of Hawaii alumni who met on campus from July 24-27 closed their reunion with a 3.5-hour testimony meeting typified by expressions of love for each other, their participation in President David O. McKay's vision of what the students would accomplish, and their devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CCH alumni hold reunion on campus

Mike Foley | University Relations | 25 July 2008

There's a lot of gray hair — or in some cases, none — and a few of them walk with canes now, but for the 100-plus Church College of Hawaii alumni holding their Mega Reunion on campus from July 24-27, they still show an abundance of Seasider spirit as well as aloha for each other and their alma mater.

New tuition payment and refund policy

Arley LK Enesa | Financial Services | 24 July 2008