BYUH reorganizes into four academic colleges

Mike Foley | University Relations | 6 November 2008

The Church Educational System Board of Trustees recently approved a Brigham Young University Hawaii President's Council recommendation to reorganize the school's previous academic divisions into the:

Nathan Henderson underscores power of technology

Chase Barlet | University Relations06 November 2008

Talkin' Story: Erika Kuta's talented journey

Chase Barlet & Karuna Chetty | University Relations03 November 2008

Seasiders look forward to AMG Asia-Pacific tourny

Ryan Anderson | University Relations | 31 October 2008

Womens 2007The BYU-Hawaii Seasiders will face-off against basketball teams from China and New Zealand next week for the 8th annual American Money Group Asia Pacific Basketball Classic.

Small choices lead to serious consequences

Ryan Anderson | University Relations | 29 October 2008

Committing even a little sin and thinking it justified can cause serious consequences, taught H. Ross Workman, President of the Laie Hawaii Temple during his devotional address October 28 at BYU-Hawaii. President Workman counseled the students to avoid the idea of “fear God—he will justify in committing a little sin.

BYUH collaborates with BYU for Papua New Guinea biology internship

Leilani Miller | University Relations | 29 October 2008

BYUH business conference offers spiritual, temporal insights

Mike Foley | University Relations | 29 October 2008

The Brigham Young University Hawaii International Business Conference from November 10-15, 2008 — entitled "Venture Capital and Private Equity: Building Wealth in a Declining Economy" — provides students, community members and other participants a unique opportunity to mingle with top Latter-day Saint business leaders and share both spiritual and temporal insights.

Pineapple icon depicts BYU-Hawaii objectives

Mike Foley | University Relations | 26 October 2008

Because many people associate pineapples with Hawaii, Dr. Max L. Checketts, BYUH Vice President for Academic Affairs, used the imagery to create an easy-to-remember representation initiatives and objectives derived from the university's two-fold mission and imperatives:

At the outset of his tenure, President Steven C. Wheelwright stated the two-fold mission of Brigham Young University Hawaii is: