Business management professor receives prestigious lifetime service award

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Riley Mullins | University Relations | 6 November 2014

In October 2014, Dr. Helena M. A. Hannonen, a BYU–Hawaii faculty member, received the Lowell Benson Lifetime Service Award from the BYU Marriott School of Management. Dr. Hannonen received the prestigious award for her many years of involvement in BYU’s Management Society, particularly for all her work as the president of Silicon Valley chapter and starting Silicon Valley WOMEN, as well as being the regional director for Northern California and later Asia-Pacific regions.

The Marriott School started the W. Lowell Benson Lifetime Service Award in 2000. It recognizes individuals with outstanding leadership qualities and their long-term service to the School and the Society. 

“There is a great need for moral and ethical leadership in families, organizations, and communities around the world,” says Hannonen. “People don’t become engaged because we compel, order, or guilt them. Their discretionary time is precious. They only choose to invest their time, resources, and energy to causes that add meaning and value to their lives. BYU Management Society is that organization to thousands of people. I entered to learn at BYU and Marriott School, and it has been my pleasure to serve in this great organization.”

Lee Perry, dean of the BYU Marriott School, recognized Dr. Hannonen’s effort at the 2014 Management Society Leadership Conference in Provo, Utah, and expressed his gratitude for all of her contributions to the Management Society. “You have made a huge difference to all those you have worked with,” said Perry. “In all, you have raised the level of excellence for the society and particularly for international chapters. Your years of work and service to the society and the school are so appreciated. We believe you have a vision of what the Management Society can be and should be, and that has elevated the level of excellence for your local chapter and for the national organization.”

Dr. Hannonen is a professor at BYU–Hawaii in the Business Management department. She has held leadership positions in Fortune 100 corporations and functioned as an external and internal consultant to businesses, government, and education organizations. She has also been involved in many social entrepreneurial projects throughout the world. She currently serves on the Global Steering Committee of the BYU Management Society with responsibility for the Asia-Pacific Region. 


Dr. Hannonen of BYU-Hawaii and Dean Lee Perry of BYU Marriot School at the award ceremony.  

Photo Credit: Marilyn Harmer